Cloud Management


VPNscope is a patented Cloud Control System (CCS) designed to manage Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Computing environments. VPNscope provides visibility and control over Internet and private network infrastructures for the benefit of business customers and Service Providers.

Automatic Monitoring

VPNscope continuously monitors data flows in realtime and provides utilization, performance and optimization intelligence which allows dynamic reconfiguration and capacity changes to optimize the performance of Cloud-centric applications serving end-users.

Layer 3

Traditional Network Management Systems (NMS) operate at the physical network level (Layer 2) and monitor private wide-area network (WAN) links. VPNscope is designed to detect and monitor logical data flows anywhere in the Cloud environment regardless of the underlying network path.

Maximise Productivity

VPNscope is designed to help users maximize business productivity and minimize resource costs. It achieves this by optimizing response times and data throughput within the Private Cloud environment and externally with Software and Infrastructure service providers.

Bandwidth Control

VPNscope dynamically triggers Bandwidth On Demand (BOD) requests to Internet Service Providers and Infrastructure providers (IaaS) using standards-based control protocols. VPNscope is an integrated control platform for enterprise-wide bandwidth capacity planning and control.