Business Challenge

Cloud, big data, mobile, social, and IT security are significant forces that are transforming IT and business. As these technologies move into the mainstream, the network as the common critical infrastructure component will get close to the breaking point. Datacentre technology such as server and storage virtualization add ever increasing demands and complexity to the network architecture and management.

Solution Overview

VPNscope is a Cloud Control System (CCS) designed to manage Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Computing environments. VPNscope provides visibility and control over Internet and Private Network infrastructures for the benefit of business customers and third-party Service Providers. VPNscope is an integrated control platform for enterprise-wide bandwidth capacity planning and control.

Value Proposition

VPNscope is designed to help users maximize business productivity and minimize computing and networking resource costs. It achieves this by optimizing response times and data throughput inside the Private Cloud environment and externally with Software and Infrastructure providers.


  • Cloud management
  • Automatic monitoring
  • Platform independent
  • Maximize productivity
  • Bandwidth on demand
  • Patented technology