Cloud Ecosystem white paper (Serenus): Serenus White Paper

                     Internet Exchange Map (TeleGeography):

                     Submarine Cable Map (TeleGeography):

                     Broadband vs IP VPN Cost (TeleGeography): Business Broadband vs IP VPN Pricing

                     Redefining Networks for Cloud Oct 2014 (IBM): IBM Cloud Networking

                     Cloud Increasing Onus On Enterprise WANs: The Precarious State Of The WAN

                     The Impact of Cloud Report (The Economist): The impact of cloud

                     Press Release July 2014: Australian Patent

                     Press Release August 2014: Innovate NSW R&D Grant

                     Press Release May 2015: Serenus secures 2nd Australian patent

                     Visit Serenus at CeBIT 2015 Sydney:

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