Wireless Access Service

Business Challenge

Companies today want greater mobility and freedom across their workplace. They want untethered LAN access and support for bring your own device (BYOD). Businesses also want to offer guest WiFi access but don’t want the added complexity and risk that comes with operating such services.

Solution Overview

Managed WiFi platform in 220 countries. Solution includes WiFi access points (WAP) and controller devices, with integrated connectivity to global Internet and network services. End-user management and security control systems are included. Site survey and hotspot design services are also available.

Value Proposition

Single source for the procurement of WiFi equipment enterprise-wide. Single management platform that removes the complexity and security risk of public/private WiFi access.


  • Strong security
  • Management portal
  • Business grade
  • Global coverage
  • Hardware included
  • Managed service
  • Site survey & design