Cloud Infrastructure

Global Coverage

Serenus provides a fully integrated Cloud-based networking, computing and backup platform with extensive national and international coverage. We provide a one-stop-shop procurement facility for managed Internet, network and IaaS services across your business including your off-shore sites.

Network Services

Serenus offers a broad range of Private Network Services such as Ethernet and MPLS, as well as Internet Access and VPN services. All network services include local equipment such as routers and are fully managed and monitored on a 24×7 basis. A comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) is offered.

Backup Services

Serenus offers the industry leading Infrascale© range of backup services. Services include Cloud-based and Appliance-based backup services which are fully automated and based on military-grade datacentre security. Enterprise-wide backup coverage includes servers, PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

Computing Services

Serenus offers the industry leading Softlayer© range of computing services. The solution offers unlimited processing and storage capacity, accessible via private Cloud or via the Internet. Data is securely stored in IBM datacentres. Comprehensive management and monitoring tools are also provided.

Wireless Services

Companies today want greater mobility and freedom across their workplace. Serenus’ platform is available in 220 countries and includes WiFi access points (WAP) and controller devices, with integrated connectivity to Internet and private Cloud. End-user management & security control systems are included.